Why is ‘Ms’ so hard to spell?

Recently, I’ve had more than the usual people calling me, and automatically calling me “Mrs Singlethirtysomething”.

No, I correct them, it’s “Ms”.


Or “Oh sorry, MISS.”

No, it’s MS. As in em-ess. Mike-Sierra if you’re used to using radio comms.

People are stumped by this. STUMPED. Seriously – how hard can it be? Have they not heard that Ms is a title?

The worst is that when I insist that my title is Ms, I can hear myself getting a little worked up and they’re probably thinking “Ohhh no wonder she’s single / No wonder he divorced her.” LOL.  Yup, you’re dealing with a bit of a feminist here, folks.

All I want is – like men – to be addressed in a way that does not disclose my marital status. Is that too much to ask?

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