Who exactly are you “so blessed” by?

It seems to be the in thing these days to pronounce that you are “so blessed” every time you have a great day, hang out with lovely friends, realise that your spouse/child/cat is really quite wonderful, etc. etc.

I see this all. the. time in my social media feeds. The funny thing is that other than my very charismastic Christian contacts, most people counting their blessings are not religious at all – some even verging on atheism.

So I wonder, who exactly do they think is blessing them? ‘The Universe’? Or is it just a cliche that everyone’s using?

To me, as ‘blessing’ is very much associated with religion – you’re typically blessed by God, Jesus, Mohammed, clerics, or any multitude of gods, depending on your religious leanings. I am genuinely curious about this… would love to hear from anyone who this applies to.

If you are not religious, do you say this and if so, who do you think is blessing you?

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3 thoughts on “Who exactly are you “so blessed” by?

  1. I’m not very religious. Spiritual maybe. But not religious. But I do use ‘blessed’…maybe it’s the universe or some being out there that’s doing it??? Not sure.

  2. I HATE it when people use “blessed”. I think it’s a highly entitled and privileged sounding word. It assumes that for some reason, a person has been gifted above others. I feel like it adds insult to injury for those who face adversity…why haven’t THEY been blessed? =P

  3. I do use the term blessed and I do feel like it could be god, the universe or just something that is looking over me. for me it is a state of being and I can still feel blessed even if things aren’t going well. it just helps me reframe things and the way I feel about life. it’s a comfort and perhaps it makes we feel like I felt when I was younger and had my parents to protect me? i’m not sure… really great question!

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