And the point of all this is…?

Having ummed and aahed for a while now about starting a blog, I’ve taken the plunge. *sploosh*

I’ve spent a good few months pondering whether my blog should be personal. Or professional. A list of dreams, rants, advice? Would anyone be interested? Do I have anything useful to say? Am I writing it for me or for you? Should it be anonymous or I spill my guts to everyone I know (and some I don’t)?

Oh, the dilemmas of social media!

I don’t think I’m going to have enough time to write regularly, so professional is out. Also there’d be the pressure to come up with something incisive and perceptive several times a week. I decided I possibly have more things to say personally (read: opinions) than I do professionally.

So I did a little research on the blog themes I thought might fit a personal blog. I’m single; I’m in my thirties; I’m a woman. What are others like me blogging about? It was a bit scary. Man-bashing feminists do still exist. And there are a lot of lonely women out there waiting to be rescued. Not a lot of single women talking about how happy they are. Theories as to why this is will follow.

To me, single is not about partying every night and bed-hopping just because you can. It’s about independence. Being able to do what you want to, when you want to (OK, and with whom you want to). It’s about friends, who are as important as family. It’s about being able to sleep late, make your own decisions, be in control of your life. (This control theme will come up a lot, just you watch.)

While I don’t let being single be the entire definition of who I am, it does enable me to do a lot of the things I want to do in life. I’m not saying I want to be single forever… it’s just where I’m at right now, so I’m going to make the most of it.

More about this later. In the meantime, thanks for popping by.


2 thoughts on “And the point of all this is…?

  1. I was just looking for a blog that would display some embracing of all the ‘single and thirty’ women out there and you are so right, what are they so bitter about! What is going these poor women need a vacation. I am also single and thirty(ish) and I loved what you wrote. It sounded exactly like something that would come out of my own mouth. Good for you for being happy and embracing this time in your life.

  2. Hey Texie – thanks for your comment 🙂 Glad you liked the post. I think that there is so much pressure from society to follow a prescribed path in life… and many thirtysomething singles feel like ‘failures’ if we don’t conform. Here’s to those of us who are loving the path we’re on!

    Couldn’t we all use a vacation? I know I could!

    Do keep popping back and let me know if there are any topics on your mind you’d like me to write about.

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