Not in the club

I have eight girl friends who are pregnant. EIGHT. That means eight baby showers I need to find excuses NOT to attend. (Actually, I think I’m expected to organise one of them… Aargh.)

I don’t want kids. I like kids but I don’t want my own. Certainly not while I’m single; probably not ever. And having one just to ‘fit in’ is Not A Good Reason!

But I feel so excluded because I’m not in the Mommy/Mommy-to-be club.

Are there any people left who can hold a conversation about topics other than scans, morning sickness, Pampers v Huggies, breastfeeding, etc.?

I don’t seem to have any single or childfree friends left. Hell, it’s lonely.


3 thoughts on “Not in the club

  1. Wow! A friend of mine just shared your blog with me and I am so happy she did. This particular blog pretty much sums up the current state of my life! I am about 30, single, and all of my friends are either on their first, second and even third child!

    When we have girls nights all we talk about is baby’s, being pregnant, husbands, and all the like. All topics that I do not have any thing to contribute to! Not to mention that 3 out of the 4 of them are currently pregnant so I often find myself being the only one having a glass of wine, which is necessary for me to get through the night!

    It is so refreshing to find others in the same boat I am in!

  2. I detest baby showers. Sorry to be stalking you with comments – I keep finding so much in common with you! I started my blog a couple days after the latest baby shower I went to which really was quite clearly at the end of my rope. All of my married/mommy-ed friends got all over me for what I wrote in that first post (you can see it here:

    They were really upset that I took issue with the fact that they were apparently “boring” me with their stories of their children and it didn’t seem like I cared anyway since I never contributed to conversations about it. I asked them how they expected me to contribute to a conversation where the topic is something I know NOTHING about? As a result I am no longer friends with a large chunk of people from high school. And most of my friends from college are in the same boat. I have long felt like some kind of court jester when I get together with old friends since they all want to ask me questions about “that jerk that left you with the tab at dinner…” or “you know, the guy that never showed up to get you at the airport..” or whatever other “funny single dating stories” I happen to have on hand as I look for my true love. Anyway, I enjoy your blog.

  3. @Danielle Hello! Thanks for your comment – I was starting to feel like I am the only person experiencing all this šŸ™‚ so it’s great to hear I’m not alone! I have 7 pregnant friends (was 8 but one just had her daughter) so know EXACTLY how you’re feeling – LOL!

    @Lisa – Lovely to ‘meet’ you too and I’ve just been reading your blog and snorting with laughter! Love how you write. I can relate to those ‘tell us stories about your wild single life’ requests at dinner parties… grrr! Worse is when couples ask ‘when are you going to find a nice man?’ – my response now is ‘when you set me up with one’ šŸ™‚

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