Spa day

Yesterday my long-time friend B and I went off to a spa for the day. It’s about an hour out of town and the weather gods were smiling on us, blessing us with lovely warm autumn sunshine for the drive.

We went to a five-star hotel/resort which has a very highly-recommended spa. I’d been there several years back and fell in love with their vitality pools. I love being in water and what could be better than floating around in bubbling, mineralised, 40 degree water for an hour or two? I even got a great back massage, standing in front of the high-pressure jets. Best part? We were the only ones there!

After a disappointing lunch (only one place to eat, limited menu, orders were wrong, staff not too helpful) we headed back to the spa for our treatments. B had a mother-to-be massage and facial (yes, she’s one of my eight pregnant friends) and I had a manicure – which ended up taking longer than B’s treatment. Needless to say my hands look very pretty today.

Maybe it’s a quirk I have but I can never relax properly when I’m having a spa treatment. If it’s a massage, I worry that it might hurt, and I’ve never got the hang of being naked (towels don’t count!) in front of a stranger. While having a mani or pedi, are you supposed to talk to the therapist or not? And don’t get me started on tipping (we didn’t – we paid through the nose for the treatments in the first place!)… Perhaps I just need a little more practice – after all it was only the third time I’ve ever been to a spa. 🙂


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