Online dating turn-offs #4: When your relationship status says ‘Ask me later’ or you’re never online on weekends

Why would anyone who is single say I should ‘ask him later’ what his relationship status is? Doh – obviously he’s not single.

If you’re not single, what the hell are you doing on a dating website? I believe there are plenty of websites for married people who like to play away. Go and mess around there and leave us legitimate singles alone, please.

Although I (grudgingly) have a little more respect for people who are obtuse or downright upfront about their non-single status online than those who lie about being single and actually have a girlfriend / fiancee / wife stashed away at home.

The latter are the ones – in my experience – who aren’t online over the weekend. Possibly because they do their internet dating correspondence at work, where they’re less likely to get caught.

I connected with a seemingly-wonderful guy when I was internet dating a few years ago. He not only looked rather yummy, but he could also string a sentence together and wrote me the most interesting emails. We mailed furiously for a week or so, and after one particularly lovely letter from him, I replied saying, ‘You really do seem too good to be true. Are you sure you’re not married?’ I never heard another word from him. Which answers my question.

I do believe in trusting one’s gut – if he seems too good to be true, or your suspect he might not *really* be single, go with your intuition. You’re probably right.


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