I am SO fed up!

I am tired of being the only person who’s reliable.

I am tired of being taken for granted because I am reliable.

I’m fed up with other people cancelling on me at the last minute – when the dinner / drinks / get-together / even just a SKYPE CALL to catch up is something I organised weeks ago and they’ve had it in their diaries for ages.

I’m worn out from being the person other people can let down but expect me to be all OK and understanding about it.

I’ve had enough of people who ignore invitations or don’t respond to email requests when I’ve made an effort to contact them.

I’m angry with certain friends who never take the initiative to contact me – it’s always me contacting them. This one-sidedness is stopping as of right NOW.

I am SO over high maintenance people who ask for help with things that they are perfectly capable of finding the answers to themselves – that’s what FAQs and Google are for, for heaven’s sake. USE YOUR BRAINS.

I am so p***ed off with friends whose kids and partners come first and who can only EVER fit me in on their terms.

I wish that just once, someone would be encouraging and supportive and listen to me – rather than it constantly being the other way around.

Maybe I’m premenstrual. Maybe I’m just a bit tired and need another holiday. Maybe I’d just like someone (other than family, who I love to bits) to make a bit of an effort. Whatever it is, my fuse is short today.

** My friend B just called me back (she was just putting her baby to bed when I called her earlier for a rant) – and let me whinge at her for a good 20 min. Thank you, B!! xx


13 thoughts on “I am SO fed up!

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have a friend who is lovely but totally infuriating. She always sends me texts saying “It’s been ages since I’ve seen you, we’ll have to meet up soon!” but then never suggests doing anything. When I try to arrange something she’s always busy, and says “but we’ll have to do something soon!”

    It drives me mental!

    Kate x

  2. I totally know where you are coming from and you have every right to rant and be upset. I only have a handful of friends I can count on and none of them live near me.

    My married friends with children seem to bother me the most; they always seem to feel their lives or stories are more important than those of a single, working woman…and I’m tired of opening emails only to see pictures of babies and birthday parties.

    I could speak on this subject all day…basically, I know what you mean and it sucks being on the receiving end. My advice, get used to doing things on your own or try and find a select few of associates that you can go out with. You don’t have to be best friends with these people, just folks that have the same interest as you.

    I suggest http://www.meetup.com. It’s not a single’s website, just people wanting to meet people with the same interest who get together and actually do activities…

  3. @Kate Oh I know a few people like that. It’s so false. :-p I love how you write by the way (your blog post today had me in tears – sending you a hug!).

    @singleandalmost30 Ah, it does make me feel a bit better knowing others feel the same way 🙂 Thank you for your support! I checked out MeetUp but there are only a handful of groups in my area. But I am focusing on picking up some new activities this year, so who knows…

  4. OMG. This whole entire blog could have been written by me!
    And this post, especially is like, SPOT ON!!!!

    I am always the one who will return calls, answer questions, show up on time, lets people know ahead of the time if things don’t work out, etc. etc. etc.
    I too, am done.

    Why is it OK for these flakes for them to be who they are?
    And because I happen to be RESPONSIBLE I end up with the short end of the stick?????

    Oh can I relate to this one…..


  5. Skygurl, so lovely to connect with you! I love your blog – and am so glad what I’m writing is resonating with you and not just disappearing into a coupled-up, baby-obsessed world 😉

    You know what, maybe in life there ARE the responsible ones, and the flakes, and whatever other roles we create for ourselves. Maybe the secret is to be comfortable with the one that fits us, and accept that not everyone else shares our take on things.

    It takes all types, right? Failing that, deep breaths… 🙂

  6. I’ve been going through the same frustrations, especially this past year. People that I thought were my closest friends never have time for me and never initiate things anymore. I can understand if people are going through hard times or working many hours, but they always have social committments. People seem to be organizing trips to Vegas, NY, etc., but I never get invited. it’s annoying when people say that “you are awesome, i love you, we need to get together soon, etc.” but then never follow-up on their statements. Actions are much stronger than words.

    I’ve accepted the fact that people change and go their separate ways, and that it’s rare to have truly good friends. I’m learning to not attach so much and not have great expectations from people. I’m a member of http://www.meetup.com and attend as many events as I can. I enjoy meeting new faces and meeting people with similar interests. I’m hoping to meet new friends that value who I am and want to connect and spend time with me.

  7. its not just women that have to put up with that, men get the same thing, 😦 and trust me its a lot worse in the highland of Scotland

  8. well that’s because you are hanging out with shallow, superficial, two dimensional people, drop them and fined someone that you can relate to on your own level, by the way is this a site for women only ?, or can a man chuck in his tuppence worth, it might be refreshing for you to get a man’s perspective on some of this, lol

  9. ha this is a site for women only, I should have looked at the bit at the top of the page, sorry ladies I will leave you be now, Rod x

  10. Hi Rod – no, this isn’t a site just for women – anyone’s welcome to comment (as long as the comments are polite and constructive 🙂 ). Always great to get a different perspective, whether it’s male, female, single, married, cynical or optimistic.

  11. I think that just about covers everybody lol, well apart from separated which is the category that apply’s to me,
    I just sometimes think that there are a lot of issues in life that affect both sexes but for some reason that I don’t fully understand women are far more inclined to share them with each other, men on the other hand don’t, like emotions for example , its acceptable for women to show emotions but its not for men, its perceived as weakness in men and I don’t know why that should be, I was brought up by my father and I only ever saw him cry ones and that was at the sudden and tragic death of his 7 year old daughter, my younger sister, me on the other hand would well up at being given a birthday presents by my children, much to there amusement , but I hated the fact that my children witnessed that,
    its the same with being in control, men feel its there responsibility to provide everything that is required to bring up a family, that’s a missive responsibility, why should that be solely the mans role, forget Atlas, women hold up halve the sky, but that’s just how it is, well it is in Scotland , I don’t know now how I got on to this subject lol, sitting in the middle of the north sea with to much time on my hands is my only defence,

    I just read a blog about mail order brides, apparently you can virtually purchase a wife on the internet, that’s shocking, but then again, presumably you must be able to sell one, now that’s an interesting thought, 🙂
    there endith today’s sermon by the not so reverend Rod x

  12. I had a rather interesting epiphany last month, as I was walking home from the pub feeling a bit low I spotted a poster on the door of the village hall, on it said ” every Sunday over 50s tea dance 3-5 pm all welcome” well as I am now just at that point in my life, only just I might add, there were two ways of looking at that, the first being, well just as I thought life had thrown me a bit of a curved ball out springs hope from the most unlikely of places, or as in my case, TEA DANCE not in your life, I should add at this point that although technically I would have been eligible to attend, in my mind I still feel exactly the same now as I did at 35 and the thought of ever going to a tea dance horrified me, so the next day, and I am not making this up, I am happy to send a photo to prove it, I went strait into town and purchased with a large amount of my hard earned cash the most impracticable, expensive to run but beautiful 3.5L, V6, 300BHP, open top two seater sports car, I now spend a large amount of my time at home, driving around the countryside at break neck speed with the roof down and pink blasting out of the bose sound system,

    Rod x

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