Premature excite-ulation

Things are progressing nicely with Mr Tall&Charming. The emails are getting longer but he’s headed off thesis-type missives by suggesting we meet for breakfast tomorrow and included his contact details. I can’t make it due to other commitments but suggested we speak on the phone tomorrow evening and make a plan.

This will be the first internet date I’ve been on in about 5 years and while I’m not nervous*, I am quite excited and a bit squirmy about it. As in: I am really looking forward to meeting him and hope it goes well. On paper, he seems lovely. I also can’t wait to talk to him on the phone. Please God, don’t let him have a squeaky David Beckham-esque voice or a horrible accent.

So, to get to the title of this post, is it a girl thing, or does everyone get super-excited about  meeting someone they’ve clicked with online? I’m reining in wild and crazy thoughts of our possible first kiss, meeting the parents, being whisked away to some exotic location by him, etc. etc. … you know what I mean, right? Note no mention of a big quite dress and walking down an aisle towards him – I’m not that giddy 🙂

I think it’s quite weird to imagine this sort of thing when you’ve not even met face to face yet. Something I could never do is have IM sex or phone sex with someone I’d not yet met. What if you get all down and dirty over the phone and then when you meet up, he’s weedy or ugly or smells bad or something similarly repulsive? Eeuw! No, I’ll control my premature excite-ulation and wait until I’ve met Mr T&C.

Confession time – I actually dreamt about Mr T&C two nights ago. How weird is that. He was part of the cast of a play I was watching, dressed as a Neanderthal man in a snow-leopard skin. He came off the stage, headed straight toward me and scooped me up in his arms and took me over to the MC… all as part of the performance. Yes, I know, very weird. and I get it – my subconscious is telling me to find a tall, strong, handsome man to sweep me off my feet. LOL!

The space continues to be watched…


* I was seriously nervous for my first ever internet date. When I met the guy – who looked nothing like his pictures, was a good 5 inches shorter than expected and was the biggest racist out – I thought: ‘I was worried about meeting THAT?’ and was cured of first-internet-date nerves forever.

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