Flying solo at a wedding

I’m off to a wedding later. I generally love weddings… the love and warmth, the positive energy, the chance to dress up, beautiful settings, and – often – the chance to catch up with people I’ve not seen in ages.

Going to a wedding on my own has never really been a problem for me – because usually I know lots of people there. But today’s is a bit different – I know the bride but through work, not socially, and I’ve only met her husband-to-be once, briefly. And so while I am very excited for the bridal couple, I am feeling pretty daunted about going today. I do know a few people but not really socially, whereas they all know each other really well.

The ceremony and dinner will be fine, but it’s the in-between parts that I’m nervous about… I don’t want to latch onto the people I do know like a leech. I’m not a very extrovert person in this sort of situation but I’m going to have to try. Eeek.

This is one of those times when having a partner would be REALLY useful. Firstly, it’s someone to talk to, and secondly, it’s proof that I’m not a predatory single woman out to flirt with the husbands and boyfriends (which I am so NOT!).

Wish me luck…

PS I’ve been a bit scarce on here and on commenting on other blogs lately because I am snowed under with work. It’s all good, though… 🙂


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