Sometimes you need a reminder…

… to have fun.

So that wedding that I was a bit nervous about attending on my own turned out to be fantastic. Besides the beautiful setting, stunning bride and generally warm-fuzzy-love-filled atmosphere, I met some really lovely people. The bride had thoughtfully put me at a table with some very open, warm, funny people, and I had a blast. Yes, there were a couple of moments when I felt a bit like a spare part, but overall, I had a wonderful time.

I was struck by the energy and positivity of the people I met. And by how much FUN they were having. It gave me the impression that they don’t just have fun at weddings – rather, it’s part of who they are every day.

And it was a reminder to me to loosen up, take life less seriously and have more fun myself. So that’s the plan. I’m actually planning on moving house in the next month or two to be a little closer in to all the action. I’m looking forward to taking some courses and classes that I’ve hankered after for a long time and finding that fun.

How do you have fun? (Keep it legal, please 🙂 ) Whether it’s little things like a favourite humorous website or playing with your dog in the park, let me know…

4 thoughts on “Sometimes you need a reminder…

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself, even solo! I understand the anxiety you’re describing, but for me, it usually has more to do with not knowing anyone — and not having a partner to be with forces me to get out of my shell. Which usually is the best possible thing for me in the long run 🙂

    For fun, I’ve been going hiking. I often go solo but recently (finally) found a local group that goes hiking regularly together — yay! And I even met a new friend. Thank goodness.

    — Lisa

  2. For fun I like to gather with my friends. They live in the city (me in the burbs) and we have so much fun there. From great places to eat to places to dance, enjoying ourselves is the name of the game.
    I am also involved in a book club which is so amazing. A group of like minded women reading good books and exploring different avenues of life is great. Because of the book I participated in my first 5k run (walk/run) and we so many amazing things planned.
    I also volunteer which is surprisingly fun. I love what I do so it is fun.

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