Middle-of-the-night panics

I’ve said it many times: I really love being single. But there’s one time that it truly sucks – and that’s around 3am.

Why is it that in the middle of the night, if you wake up with your mind racing, all sorts of horrors and fears seem to overwhelm you? A doctor friend of mine says that there’s actually a biological reason for this – that certain enzyme/hormone levels plummet at night when you’re (supposed to be) sleeping.

Whatever causes them, those wee hours of irrational thinking that distort everyday problems to big, scary ones are the times when I do wish I had someone to snuggle up to and hug. Someone to reassure me that everything is going to be OK. Until dawn breaks, and perspective is restored 🙂


5 thoughts on “Middle-of-the-night panics

  1. I can see how that might bug you…..

    For me, it’s times where I get off of a flight where someone was just down right nasty to me, or had to work with some difficult crew and I’m feeling kind of crappy. You need someone to tell you how fabulous you are!
    I am starting to date someone now, so I can’t completely say I am single, but that will be my ‘test’ for the new BF if he will be supportive!

    I know the middle of the night is never a good time to think about things or write a letter to someone, because of the reasons you’ve stated.
    It really has proven scientific reasons 🙂

  2. @marilyn Yes, I guess it would. Might be worth researching on the net… (I may have been a little inaccurate in quoting my medic friend 🙂 ).

    @Skygurl Agreed! We all need someone to tell us we’re fabulous sometimes. I mean, most of the time we KNOW it, but sometimes we need a little affirmation. Yay for your new BF… let me know if he passes the test!

  3. Forget midnight– 3 to 4 am is the true witching hour. That’s when it helps to have friends in other time zones you can call, who are awake! = )


  4. I really relate to this, but for me, it’s not only at 3am but also just as I’m drifting off to sleep alone. There’s something about the night time that really illuminates how lonely it can be to single, even when you don’t feel that way during the day time.

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