Something’s got to give…

Sheesh. I am so snowed under with work at the moment that I’ve not had time to post on here for ages. I love what I do, and I have great clients, but I can’t keep all these balls in the air much longer. In fact, I dropped one earlier and am bracing myself for the client’s response tomorrow (eek!).

Anyway, when I am really busy with work, being single sucks. Yes, it’s one of the times I wish I did have someone else around. Why? To help out with the other, “life” stuff that’s just not getting done. Like laundry. Like taking the faulty electric toothbrush I bought three weeks ago back for a refund. Like taking my netbook in for repairs. Like cooking me dinner (have had breakfast for dinner a few times too many recently – cereal’s so easy…!). Or taking my cat to the vet for me so I don’t have to reschedule a ton of meetings (kitty does come ahead of meetings though, in case you were wondering). And someone to get me out of my work-mode head and force me to take a break, even for an hour.

Sometimes having to do everything yourself is pretty exhausting.


4 thoughts on “Something’s got to give…

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I blogged about this about a month ago. I think coupled people forget that there are TWO to do all the life “stuff,” while the rest of us are doing it on our own and trying to juggle!

  2. I can see both sides to this issue. I lived with a boyfriend once and felt that I had more housework to do, as I had to deal with his messes as well as mine. I would get stressed and offended when i had to clean up after him. Also, I’d feel guilty if I left the house messy because of my doing. When you live alone, you can clean up when it’s convenient for you. I wouldn’t even consider letting him do my laundry because most guys don’t understand the concept of delicates, having to hand-wash certain garments and air-drying.

    On the other hand, he did help me de-stress when I got home from work, helped with car stuff and would help with making/ordering dinner. The companionship element was nice. If we had been married, there would have been the financial security element. Had I lost my job, he could help pay the mortgage and bills. I’m currently unemployed and get really nervous thinking about having to move because I can no longer afford to live here if I can’t find work soon.

    Overall, I’m currently much happier living alone. I can put flowers and candles in every room and not feel like I’m making the place “too girly,” and like having the bed all to myself. I’ve learned to maintain a network of reliable people for things like car repairs and make a greater effort to save for a rainy day.

  3. You’re spot on. If I could focus on my job 100% I’d do it very well. If I could focus on my life 100% I’d lead it very well. But combining the two? Yikes!

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