Hey, you’re OK

Do you watch TED Talks? They are the most amazing collection of ideas, education and inspiration. One of my favourite online innovators/designers/funny people/creative thinkers is Ze Frank whose ‘How to dance properly‘ educational video (LOL!) was possibly the world’s first truly viral video, back in 2001. I have a soft spot for his clips about his cat Annie, but also can spend hours on his site playing with the little creative tools he develops and checking out the seriously interesting projects he runs with his online community.

Yesterday I discovered that Ze has spoken at TED twice (see here and here – yes, I am very behind the times!). The second talk ends with the most beautiful music composition – which is just whay you  need if you’re feeling overwhelmed, sad, impatient or confused.

Ze Frank’s chillout song.

Go and check out the song’s back story too.


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