End-of-year exhaustion

Anyone else utterly exhausted? I am! Wow, 2010 has been a long year. A good one and a very busy one. But I am glad it’s coming to an end. Although 1 January is just another day, there’s that mental shift: that you’re starting over fresh.

Just barely hanging in there at the moment, I have to work really hard not to snap and lose patience. I’m trying to plough through my last few projects to get then wrapped up before the break, and when they don’t go smoothly, or a client calls with ‘just one more little thing’, I want to scream. I have one client who is very demanding and changes his brief all the time – but then doesn’t want to pay more, and when we do deliver excellent work, we never get thanked for it. We bend over backwards for him and it goes completely unappreciated. I did consider sacking him earlier this year but we actually learn tons from working with him, so he’s worth it. But it’s hard when I’m tired and impatient.

Having not had a vacation since last October, I’m in desperate need of a break. Wednesday is my last day in the office until the New Year – hooray! Three weeks of no email, no clients, no demands. The hardest thing will be to switch my brain out of work mode and just leave it all behind. I’m off on another Arabian adventure and can’t wait to be thousands of miles from my desk!

So here’s to the final push! Good luck to all of you who are in my position – hope you get everything done without yelling at your clients/colleagues/suppliers and that you too will get to enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating Christmas break.


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