Why is ‘Ms’ so hard to spell?

Recently, I’ve had more than the usual people calling me, and automatically calling me “Mrs Singlethirtysomething”.

No, I correct them, it’s “Ms”.


Or “Oh sorry, MISS.”

No, it’s MS. As in em-ess. Mike-Sierra if you’re used to using radio comms.

People are stumped by this. STUMPED. Seriously – how hard can it be? Have they not heard that Ms is a title?

The worst is that when I insist that my title is Ms, I can hear myself getting a little worked up and they’re probably thinking “Ohhh no wonder she’s single / No wonder he divorced her.” LOL.  Yup, you’re dealing with a bit of a feminist here, folks.

All I want is – like men – to be addressed in a way that does not disclose my marital status. Is that too much to ask?


One thought on “Why is ‘Ms’ so hard to spell?

  1. In my mind there should only be Ms. like there is only Mr.

    would it be Master and Madam when you are young? Or is it Miss? Should we have some equivalent to Master though – that is a really commanding title.

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