I think I’m having a mid-life crisis

If men go out and buy sports cars or motorbikes, and trade their partners in for younger, blonder models, what do we women do to demonstrate our midlife crises. I’ve heard that each time a woman turns 40, a cougar is born. I quite like that 🙂

I did get my first tattoo at 39… does that count? My 40th birthday is looming and I’ll no longer be a single-thirtysomething… I’ll be a single-FORTYSOMETHING. Eeek. When I started this blog I guess I assumed that I’d lose my single status before I lost my thirtysomethingness.

I am very, very aware that my 30s are nearly over. What have I achieved? It’s been over two decades since I left school, two decades as an adult. Shouldn’t I be more grown up by now? More secure in what and who I am? Don’t all adults have life sussed out? Erm, no… most of us don’t.

On my 39th birthday, I made a list of ‘things to do before I’m 40’. Exciting stuff, worthy stuff. A list to make my 40th year a fun and exhilarating one. Things to take my mind off this big birthday that’s approaching. Well, 6 months later, I can tick off very few of those things. Which makes me feel like a bit of a failure really. Sheesh but there is so much pressure, so much *expectation* for us to be inspired, motivated, run marathons, climb mountains, reach for the stars, etc. etc. I’m all for having goals and working towards them but if I see one more motivational poster in my Facebook news feed, I will not be responsible for my actions.

Is 40 such a big deal? Is it really the new 30? Women certainly look a lot younger at 40 these days that they did a generation or two ago. Or perhaps that’s all relative, and I look pretty ancient to 12 year olds.

How much more time do I have left? If I’ve got 40 years, of how many of those will I be healthy and fit and able to do the things I want to do? What do I want to do, achieve, give, find, explore and accomplish in the second half of my life?

I worry that the next 40 years will go by as fast as the first 40 have and at 80 I’ll be saying, “Wait!! What happened to my life? I still want to…”


The perfect birthday

My birthday’s coming up quite soon and I’m trying to decide how to celebrate it.

Definitely taking the day off work (it falls on a weekday this year) so I’m thinking a bit of a lie-in, followed by breakfast at my favourite coffee-and-croissant place… then maybe a morning movie followed by lunch with whichever friends can meet me… and maybe a pedicure or some other form of pampering in the afternoon, a little retail therapy (must get myself a birthday present after all!) and then dinner with my family.

How would you plan for your perfect birthday, assuming it’s all about YOU and doing things to treat yourself?

Happy birthday, blog!

Dear blog,

A year ago you began. I was a little unsure of what I wanted to say on your pages, or whether I’d be able to keep you going. Well, 61 posts and 365 days later, here we are – still going strong.

Through you, I’ve discovered that I’m not ‘unnatural’ for not wanting to have kids.

That enjoying being single and ‘onely’ is totally fine – and that there are other people out there who likes it too.

You’ve led me to several other blogs written by clever, funny people, who make me laugh out loud as I relate to their experiences.

So, blog, while you have yet to garner a huge following, it has been lovely to connect with those people who have left comments here. You are MY blog – a place for me to rant, celebrate, fume, enthuse. If other people relate to you too, that’s wonderful.

So happy birthday, dear blog – happy birthday to you!