Change in direction

I met up with three friends/colleagues who I’ve not seen in quite a while last week. They’re each, in their own rights, smart and funny, insightful and passionate about what they do. We’ve all known each other for about five years, and met in a business context.

What was most interesting to me was how different out work lives look now from when we first met. All of us – every one – have evolved what we do, and three out of the four are now moving into almost entirely different spaces. This evolution has built on the experience and skills we’ve gained in our working lives. But we’re moving into areas now which are quite unexpected and different from what we have been doing for most of our careers.

One of my friends is further down this path than the rest of us, and described quite beautifully how it is a process, not an event. That changing direction takes time, almost like a large ocean liner. She encouraged us to embrace it and go with it – not fight or rush it.

Personally I am moving from my old career into one I’d never imagined I’d be in. And this new phase is less of a career and more of a passion. It’s something much more creative and I’ve been surprised and delighted to have uncovered this latent talent. I’m hoping my business experience to date will help me make it a commercial success as I have no desire to be a struggling artist 😉

Whether this is all part of my midlife crisis, a seven-year change or just a discovery of my true purpose, I don’t know. But it’s actually rather wonderful.