Online dating turn-offs # 3: Incomplete profiles

His photo looks nice. You click on it to access his profile. The first part sounds great and then… He’s not bothered to write much about himself (perhaps just the minimum 25 words that are required), nor has he completed the rest of his profile.

With so little to go on, do you bother making contact? I usually don’t. Because then it means I’m mostly assessing him on his looks (and I try not to do that… much!) and also who knows what weird habits / interests / fetishes are lurking behind his picture? 🙂

OK, I know a lot of guys list themselves on dating sites for a laugh, or just to see how much sex they can get. And maybe it’s those who don’t take the time to complete their profiles. Those are not really the kinds of people I want to connect with anyway, so for me, an incomplete profile means MOVE ON.