Priorities, obligations and guilt

I really am persona non grata with my family at the moment. Why? Because I’m not joining them all for Christmas in the cold, dark, wet UK – I’ve booked myself a trip to Egypt and Dubai for three weeks.Pyramids, camels, sphinxes – here I come. Continue reading

One reason being single over the holidays sucks

Because when there are family feuds (and what holiday doesn’t have them?) it can feel like you against the rest of the world.

The couples in my family (Mum and Dad, my brother and sister-in-law) are extremely loyal to each other and believe that presenting a united front in public is very important.

So the chances of me persuading any one of them to agree with me in a dispute are zero if it means that they will have to break their matrimonial alliance, even if secretly one of them thinks I’m right.

The result? I end up feeling very frustrated and lonely, wishing I had someone to fight my corner with me. Doesn’t mean I don’t WIN though… I’m pretty stubborn if I believe I’m in the right  😉

But then I call my single friends, arrange lunch for tomorrow and all’s right in the world again 🙂