Yes, this is my life!

If I want to spend an entire Saturday afternoon on my sofa reading magazines and eating chocolate/popcorn/sipping exotic tea, I can. And I don’t feel ANY guilt.

I can devote hours upon hours to my hobbies and passions – what a luxury.

When it’s time to book a vacation, I can go wherever I want to go, and when I get there, I can do whatever I want to do.

If friends invite me to do something with them, I can say yes/no immediately, without having to check with someone else.

If I want to go to bed really early, or stay up to the wee hours reading a great book, or have breakfast for dinner, or… or… or… I CAN DO IT.

I’m having a ‘being single is pretty awesome’ week – can you tell? 😉


Hey, you’re OK

Do you watch TED Talks? They are the most amazing collection of ideas, education and inspiration. One of my favourite online innovators/designers/funny people/creative thinkers is Ze Frank whose ‘How to dance properly‘ educational video (LOL!) was possibly the world’s first truly viral video, back in 2001. I have a soft spot for his clips about his cat Annie, but also can spend hours on his site playing with the little creative tools he develops and checking out the seriously interesting projects he runs with his online community. Continue reading

Sometimes you need a reminder…

… to have fun.

So that wedding that I was a bit nervous about attending on my own turned out to be fantastic. Besides the beautiful setting, stunning bride and generally warm-fuzzy-love-filled atmosphere, I met some really lovely people. The bride had thoughtfully put me at a table with some very open, warm, funny people, and I had a blast. Yes, there were a couple of moments when I felt a bit like a spare part, but overall, I had a wonderful time. Continue reading