True love and heartbreak

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine, JC, who lost her father this week.

JC married an old friend of mine, PC, in October – after a whirlwind romance. They met last December, were engaged by April, and their wedding was one of the most beautiful and moving I’ve been to. I cannot imagine two people better suited to each other – anyone who doesn’t believe in soulmates just has to spend 10 minutes with these two to be converted. When I told JC that she gives me hope that my soul mate is out there still, she said, ‘Your life can change in a minute. That’s all it takes.’

The love and goodwill at their reception was palpable. Judging by the throng of women in the ladies’ room after the speeches, touching up their mascara, I wasn’t the only person who was moved deeply by the love that this newly-wed couple share.

Sadly, JC’s life changed again in just a minute this week. I had a text message from PC yesterday telling me that his father-in-law had been shot and killed in an attempted car-jacking in his driveway on Wednesday night. My heart breaks for JC, who is very close to her family and only a few weeks ago was being walked up the aisle by her proud Dad. I am so extremely angry at the senseless, pointless act of violence that has thrust her and her family into shock, despair and deep sadness. With the holidays around the corner, it is going to be a dark time for them. I am so glad that JC has PC, who I know will be an immense source of love and support to both his wife and his new family.

What can you say in that situation? How can you help? All I can do is bombard them with love, hugs and prayers.

JC, may your Dad rest in peace and may you and your family find some sort of calm and acceptance in time.