I am SO fed up!

I am tired of being the only person who’s reliable.

I am tired of being taken for granted because I am reliable.

I’m fed up with other people cancelling on me at the last minute – when the dinner / drinks / get-together / even just a SKYPE CALL to catch up is something I organised weeks ago and they’ve had it in their diaries for ages.

I’m worn out from being the person other people can let down but expect me to be all OK and understanding about it.

I’ve had enough of people who ignore invitations or don’t respond to email requests when I’ve made an effort to contact them.

I’m angry with certain friends who never take the initiative to contact me – it’s always me contacting them. This one-sidedness is stopping as of right NOW.

I am SO over high maintenance people who ask for help with things that they are perfectly capable of finding the answers to themselves – that’s what FAQs and Google are for, for heaven’s sake. USE YOUR BRAINS.

I am so p***ed off with friends whose kids and partners come first and who can only EVER fit me in on their terms.

I wish that just once, someone would be encouraging and supportive and listen to me – rather than it constantly being the other way around.

Maybe I’m premenstrual. Maybe I’m just a bit tired and need another holiday. Maybe I’d just like someone (other than family, who I love to bits) to make a bit of an effort. Whatever it is, my fuse is short today.

** My friend B just called me back (she was just putting her baby to bed when I called her earlier for a rant) – and let me whinge at her for a good 20 min. Thank you, B!! xx

Guys have no idea

If men were to have PMS, I am sure that:

a) They would have found a way to ‘cure’ it already

b) They’d be able to take at least a day off each month for it

c) It would be included under ‘temporary insanity’ and would absolve them from any crime they might commit at ‘that time of the month’.

Yes, my frustrating week last week was partly due to my hormones. While I did definitely encounter more than my fair share of incompetent muppets, I’d normally be able to take them in my stride.

I started on the Pill years and years ago in order to level out my hormones and because, franky, I was an utter nightmare to be around for a few days each month. If I take my Pill religiously at the same time every day (progesterone only – oestrogen gives me migraines), my PMS symptoms are much reduced and life is good. Last week, I was a few hours late with a couple of pills… nightmare.

I get pretty bad PMS – fatigue, sore breasts, bloating, headaches – but worst of all is the way my hormones play havoc with my emotions. Within the space of 5 minutes I can go from wanting to rip someone’s arm off in anger, to bursting into a pathetic puddle of tears. Oprah, rush hour traffic and stores that don’t stock EXACTLY what I want must all be avoided! The smallest things get me riled up or teary.

The worst part is that I know I’m being a bitch / pathetic but there is nothing I can do about it. The emotions are so overwhelming I know I just have to remove myself from people until it passes. This is one time when living on my own is a really good thing* – I can avoid people for a day or so until I’m back to normal. 🙂

Anyone else out there get this type of PMS? How do you handle it?

* There are infinite good reasons for living on my own, not just this one!