Online dating turn-ONs #1: Stringing a good sentence together

In my newly-found spirit of two-thousand-and-zen and positive thinking, I’ve decided to discontinue my ‘online dating turn-offs’ series and give it a positive spin. Enter ‘online dating turn-ONs’.

What will get my attention every time is a profile that’s been well-written. Full sentences, no text-speak (“u r gr8”), proper punctuation (“u r gr8!!!!!!!!1!!”), and intelligent words that actually give an insight into the person who has written them.

Yes, a correctly-placed apostrophe will really get my ovaries humming. Throw in a clever pun or two, and I’m yours.

Sadly, profiles like this are the exceptions rather than the rule – amongst the guys I’ve checked out online anyway. But when I stumble upon one, it’s like finding buried treasure. I read it and reread it. Then I go look at some other profiles but always come back to read Mr Writer’s one again. Balm to my eyes. OK, that was a bit of a dodgy analogy… nobody puts balm in their eyes… but you get the point.

Hell, I’ll even overlook age, height and all sorts of things that are usually non-negotiables and click that little ‘Favourite him’ button.

Yes, guys, women really ARE easy. All you’ve got to do is make a little effort – with your profile, your appearance, how you treat us. A well-written profile WILL make you stand out from the crowd.

Are women just as bad with their language usage, or is it a guy thing?