Half-way to gorgeous

I was out at a Christmas party last night. My friend SK had organised a very cool event where the entrance fee was a toy, to be given to a child in a hospital or orphanage over the Christmas period.

SK is one of a group of women I have met and become friends with this year, through a business course. Never before have I met such dynamic, energetic people – so full of ideas, and backed by the drive to make them happen. I love spending time with them.

When I first met them I was quite intimidated. They are all so proactive and most of them are also absolutely stunning. I’m not an ugly duckling, but I definitely don’t stop traffic. I’m probably a six on the 1-10 scale. So there I was surrounded by 8s and 9s and feeling a little inadequate.

Now that we have all got to know each other and built some really valuable friendships, I feel a bit like their energy and beauty rubs off on me when we’re all together. We certainly have a unique dynamic and when we’re out for dinner or drinks, our group definitely turns heads. Possibly because we’re making such a noise, but more likely because we are having a fantastic time. Yes, we’re the table that you wish you were at.

At this party last night I was chatting to one of my long-term guy friends (Sean – the newly-single guy with the golf clubs) and he said something interesting to me: ‘Yes, those girls are gorgeous, but when you’re around them, you act gorgeous too, and that’s half of what it’s all about’.*

I know I’ve read that in magazines before but it was only last night that it sank in. Perhaps that I’d gone straight to the party from having my hair cut also helped, but whatever it was, I was feeling utterly fabulous! Perhaps I need to go and befriend some supermodels…

* Correct response should have been: ‘What are you worried about? You’re gorgeous too!’ – but Sean is brutally honest and that’s one of the things I appreciate greatly about him. He’s great to go shopping with!

That’s what friends are for

I just had the most wonderful weekend. Saturday was spent with three of my single girl friends and as usual, we laughed, analysed the world, pranced about, acted like idiots and generally had a fantastic time.

Today one of those friends celebrated her birthday and had around 25 friends round to her house for the most delicious lunch.

The four of us worked hard both yesterday and today, preparing the food and the birthday girl’s house for the celebration. In fact we were up at 7am this morning (unheard of for most singles, on a Sunday no less – well, for me anyway) to get everything ready on time. We wanted our friend to have a wonderful and fun birthday, so we made a big effort throughout the party to help out (and had sooo much fun doing it!): doing the washing up; chatting to people who seemed not to know anyone else there; playing with the kids and giving their parents a bit of a break.

I wonder… if the four of us were married with kids, would we have been able to help our friend have a memorable birthday in the same way? I doubt it. With children (and less so, spouses!) comes a lot of responsibility and hard work, and your life is no longer your own. Today I decided that while I am still fully in control of my timeĀ  (i.e. un-dictated by feeding and napping schedules!) I’m going to be that friend who can always be counted on for support.