Yes, this is my life!

If I want to spend an entire Saturday afternoon on my sofa reading magazines and eating chocolate/popcorn/sipping exotic tea, I can. And I don’t feel ANY guilt.

I can devote hours upon hours to my hobbies and passions – what a luxury.

When it’s time to book a vacation, I can go wherever I want to go, and when I get there, I can do whatever I want to do.

If friends invite me to do something with them, I can say yes/no immediately, without having to check with someone else.

If I want to go to bed really early, or stay up to the wee hours reading a great book, or have breakfast for dinner, or… or… or… I CAN DO IT.

I’m having a ‘being single is pretty awesome’ week – can you tell? 😉



Middle-of-the-night panics

I’ve said it many times: I really love being single. But there’s one time that it truly sucks – and that’s around 3am.

Why is it that in the middle of the night, if you wake up with your mind racing, all sorts of horrors and fears seem to overwhelm you? A doctor friend of mine says that there’s actually a biological reason for this – that certain enzyme/hormone levels plummet at night when you’re (supposed to be) sleeping. Continue reading

Happy travels

I just returned from a week-long, short-notice trip to London. Work took me there but I managed to squeeze in some social and family visits between meetings. And a little shopping too 🙂

The travel bug bit me when I was very young – my parents used to take us to see my British grandparents every few years, and would make a point of stopping somewhere en route to show us a bit of the world. Childhood experiences of Amsterdam’s canals, Dutch tulips, the Eiffel Tower and the Impressionist collection at the Musee d’Orsay were just a few of the things that inspired what’s become a lifelong passion for seeing new places. Continue reading