Constantly chirpy people

Is it mean to unfollow someone on Twitter because ALL they ever tweet about are motivational quotes… either other people’s or worse, ones they make up themselves?

What if they are pretty good friends of yours, who would be really hurt by your unfollow?

Surely nobody can be THAT cheerful ALL the time?

Or maybe I’m just grumpy… 😉 But seriously… just one #FML tweet, please, to show us you’re human… 😉


Tweets that deserve a slap

“Hubby away for three more sleeps. How will I cope??!!”  <– Crikey, it’s going to be touch and go for a while but hang in there, you can pull through.

“Cooking for one is not much fun 😦 Don’t think I’ll bother.”  <– same person as above

“Eating dinner on my own at home – hate it. So glad I’m not single.”  <– and again… swiftly unfollowed! Continue reading