Impossible to put in words

So, the World Cup is happening here in South Africa at the moment, and before you get put off, this post isn’t about soccer. Well, it is indirectly. And it’s a bit schmaltzy. Bear with me 🙂

Since South Africa was chosen to host the 2010 event, we’ve been bombarded with marketing and propaganda about it. So much so that most of us were pretty sick of it long before the tournament started. But something strange and exciting happened about two weeks before kickoff. All of a sudden, it started to feel REAL. Continue reading

The art of the great hug

I’ve been thinking recently that I am underhugged. I really don’t get as many hugs as a girl needs. And as one who loves a good hug, my hug-deprivation is even more noticeable at the moment.

Sure, I hug my family and friends whenever I see them, and that’s nice. But it’s not the kind of hug I mean. I don’t mean cuddling either (I’m also under-cuddled but that’s a whole other thing 🙂 ) – as in the type of hugs that lead to sex. Continue reading