Pinterest makes me want to punch my laptop

OK so perhaps I do have a secret board on Pinterest that may or may not include beautiful images of sparkly rings and gorgeous (not white) dresses.

The wedding section on Pinterest is pretty scary. It’s a flurry of hippy or hipster chic – mason jars, baby’s breath, wooden ampersands and ombre wedding cakes abound. THE PRESSURE to produce a perfect wedding must be ridiculous for the people who pin this stuff so avidly. And WTF is a sand ceremony?!

They can have it all, and sure, it’s all very pretty. But the one thing that makes me want to throw up – or throw things – is all the cutesy ‘Mrs’ paraphernalia. Necklaces that say ‘Mrs’. Scatter cushions. T-shirts (“cute for honeymoon!!!”).  SHOWER CURTAINS. Seriously?

This one is the worst:

He Stole My Heart So I'm Stealing His Last Name - Photo by Beautiful Mess Photography, LLC - Art by Sarah Doriani

I realise that some women can’t wait to take their husband’s names. I just don’t understand why. What’s wrong with their own names? Taking your husband’s name feels to me like you’re becoming his property. I love my last name and it has defined me for decades. Changing it would feel very, very weird. It’s part of me and I’d like to keep it.

And why in this day and age are all males referred to as Mr, but women are still either Miss or Mrs? I have been trying for years for my bank to change my title from Miss to Ms and it’s yet to happen. Why do women’s titles still indicate their marital status, while men’s don’t? It drives me crazy. I will remain Ms Singlethirtysomething all my life, regardless of whether I am single, married, divorced or whatever.

Rant over!


Sometimes you need a reminder…

… to have fun.

So that wedding that I was a bit nervous about attending on my own turned out to be fantastic. Besides the beautiful setting, stunning bride and generally warm-fuzzy-love-filled atmosphere, I met some really lovely people. The bride had thoughtfully put me at a table with some very open, warm, funny people, and I had a blast. Yes, there were a couple of moments when I felt a bit like a spare part, but overall, I had a wonderful time. Continue reading

Flying solo at a wedding

I’m off to a wedding later. I generally love weddings… the love and warmth, the positive energy, the chance to dress up, beautiful settings, and – often – the chance to catch up with people I’ve not seen in ages.

Going to a wedding on my own has never really been a problem for me – because usually I know lots of people there. But today’s is a bit different – I know the bride but through work, not socially, and I’ve only met her husband-to-be once, briefly. And so while I am very excited for the bridal couple, I am feeling pretty daunted about going today. I do know a few people but not really socially, whereas they all know each other really well. Continue reading