Meeting my nephew

On Tuesday I met my nephew for the first time. Apparently he was an absolute angel on the 11 hour flight here, sleeping most of the way. (Why can’t I have a kid like him behind me when I fly long-haul?!)

He’s just too cute. Blonde hair, big blue eyes, very tall for a 9 month old – and when he shot me a smile across the lunch table, my heart melted.

What was really interesting was to see how my brother and sister-in-law are with him. They have grown up SO much. They are both younger than me and have always been like big kids themselves. But now I see a whole other side of them: responsible, mature, calm. They have taken to parenting so naturally. I am really impressed.

Not that I want a kid of my own yet, but I am really looking forward to hanging out with Nephew over the next few weeks.